Jeanswest Eastland

MIKA Studios was approached by Jeanswest to generate a new concept for their flagship Eastland store. The focus of the project was to improve the display and lighting throughout the store, and enhance the general quality of finishes whilst still maintaining an appeal to the brand’s core demographic.

The design concept began from a minimal yet effective intervention. As the store operated through displaying large volumes of product on the shop floor, we recognised the stock as a key element in the customer’s visual experience of the store. Through a delicate layering of white brick walls, metal mesh clad columns and grey concrete floor tiles, the intention of the reductive palette was to generate a calm surrounding that receded into a subtle backdrop to highlight Jeanswest products.

The existing display fittings were powdercoated in a range of grey tones, and the shelving replaced with white washed plywood. A richer finishes palette was introduced as customers progressed into the change rooms, with ombre wallcoverings in a deep indigo hue fading off to pale blue. By finishing off the area with denim drapes, a large upholstered ottoman and stone pendant lighting, the design aimed to offer customers a premium shopping experience with a comforting, lounge like environment. MIKA Studios was involved throughout the concept stage only.

Location: Ringwood, Victoria
Client: Jeanswest Corporation
Photographer: Jeanwest
Completion Date: October 2015