DoubleTree by Hilton

The DoubleTree by Hilton Melbourne, located on Flinders Street, sits directly across from Flinders Street Station. The project aimed to reposition the hotel through a complete refurbishment. Areas to be revamped included the external facade, lobby, restaurant, 180 guestrooms and the lift lobbies and corridors spanning across 13 levels.

The project design brief to MIKA Studios was to steer away from the generic mid-level international hotel interiors model, and instead deliver a unique destination experience that reflects the hotel’s urban location amidst the semi-industrial neighbourhood.

The guestroom design saw a modern interpretation of grand railway journeys of the past. Following the use of raw materials found in the public areas, the features throughout the guestrooms referenced details found in the architecture of Flinders Street Station standing opposite.

Inspired by the drapery detail found within train carriages, a subtle graphic pattern was CNC routed to create custom three-dimensional headboards. The delicate form of the panels created varying light levels within the room, allowing the guest to achieve their desired atmosphere.

With a greater emphasis on subtlety and effortless practicality, MIKA studios responded to the design language established throughout the public areas of the hotel, to ensure a seamless continuation of the hotel’s concept as customers enter the more intimate environment of their guestrooms.

DoubleTree by Hilton
Location: Melbourne
Client: M&L Hospitality
Collaboration: Dreamtime Design Australia/Pop & Pac
Photographer: Peter Clarke
Completion Date: May 2015