Dolci Firme Eastland

The first Dolci Firme store was opened in 1999 by designer Bianca Buccheri and her husband Enzo, who she met in Italy whilst living and studying in Florence. A dedication to style, Italian craftsmanship and simplicity were at the forefront of the boutique’s focus, and MIKA Studios was approached to design a new store as a part of the $665 million Eastland Shopping Centre expansion.

Drawing inspiration from the pair’s Italian heritage, our vision was to generate a modern and clean shopping environment with subtle references to Corinthian columns and colonnades. Through gently curved, ribbed walls, we aimed to mimic the columns found in Roman architecture.

Situated at the rear of the store, we designed and manufactured a large bespoke ottoman, setting it on top of a soft rug for customers to try on footwear in comfort. With a large custom mirror and pendant lighting above, we wanted to emulate the familiar feeling of sitting in a living room area.

Through a series of sculptural expressions, an idea of ‘display’ was manifested with a nod to the boutique’s affinity with Italy. With rectangular plinths in the shopfront, cantilevered glass shelves with blackened steel supports, and a central handstitched leather POS station sitting on a monolithic stone plinth, we created a space to mirror the refined luxury of the products and their heritage.

Dolci Firme Eastland
Location: Ringwood, Victoria
Client: Dolci Firme
Photographer: Dan Hocking
Completion Date: October 2015